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A Boy and His Blob crack returns in triumph! A reinvention of the NES classic, as a boy you feed your blob jellies and watch them transform into cool and useful objects to solve puzzles and escape danger.

With its solid and emotional story, challenging puzzles, and visually impressive art style.

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A Boy and His Blob is sure to become another classic.

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A Boy and His Blob

When Blobolonia is threatened by an evil emperor, the blob comes to Earth seeking help. Instead, he finds a little boy. Help the blob dethrone the evil emperor terrorizing Blobolonia and make friends with the blob that will last a lifetime.

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Mentioned below are 5 quick facts about the game.

  1. The original A Boy and His Blob was named Game of the Year by nearly every gaming publication in 1989, while the sequel received less acclaim but was still a critical and financial success. The third game in Crane’s series, A Boy and His Blob: Jelly’s Cosmic Adventure was scheduled for release in 2002 for the Game Boy Advance but was ultimately canceled. A DS remake of the original game by Skyworks Technologies and publisher Majesco was supposed to be released in 2005, but that too was canceled. Given Skyworks’ track record, this can only be a good thing.
  2. In 2009 and Majesco finally exercised its ownership of the A Boy and His Blob license and partnered with WayForward to remake the franchise with the same story and core gameplay, but all new levels and modern graphics begin.
  3. I must point out that there is little or no dialogue in this game. Almost everything happens without words, except for the occasional sound effect.
  4. The Blob came to Earth looking for help, as his home planet of Blobolonia was taken over by evil tar things led by an even worse evil emperor. After discovering that different candy flavors can give the blob certain powers, the boy and his blob decided to save the day before this schmoo-like alien creature could develop diabetes.
  5. This game might not feature next-gen high-definition graphics or 3D visuals accompanied by the usual fucking camera angles, but man, this game looks pretty. A Boy and His Blob has stayed true to its roots by giving us beautifully rendered 2D graphics.

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