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Apowersoft Apowermirror is a software, which can mirror applications for both iOS and Android devices. The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac, and the user can benefit from the software, by displaying their cell phone screen on a computer or laptop.

Apowermirror Crack Overview

Apowermirror crack For Pc

Apowermirror crack For Pc

Apowermirror crack For Pc

The user can mirror a video, a document or even a picture to the device that they want to. This could be really helpful in case of office and school presentations, where a user would want to show his colleagues and classmates the same thing that is running on their device.

Features of an Apowermirror

There are so many features of this software, from a user can benefit.


When you mirror something from one device to another, often the quality of the content becomes awful. This is where apowermirror shows its true quality. When you mirror anything using this software, using either an iOS device or Android, they will be able to see the video in good quality and even hear the audio clearly.


4 Devices

When you use a power mirror, it will allow you to mirror 4 devices to the same system. The user can connect their device with the PC, without using a cable, and then control their phone from their PC with the help of a mouse or a keyboard. For example, you can play games, and you don’t even have to use an emulator. There are pre-set virtual keys on this software, which the user can use to show their skills in the game and performance.

Practical Functions

With the help of Apowermirror, the user would be able to enjoy videos, games, pictures in a full-screen display. Moreover, they would be able to take screenshots on their iPhone or Android, within seconds. If they want to share the video they are watching, then they can easily record the screen from PC, with just one click.

The user will be able to cast their screen to phone and control their PC using the phone. The screen mirroring occurs very efficiently between two devices if the user is using this software. There is a whiteboard available on the power mirror, where the user is able to take notes if a presentation is going on.

There are multiple applicable situations like home entertainment, conference presentation, intelligent education, gaming, live stream, and much more. So, do download this amazing software.

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