Ares Activation Code

Ares is an open-source chat program, which allows users to share their files digitally. These files could be imaged, videos, documents, or even software.

Ares can be best described as a P2P network, where the user can publish his files. The user becomes part of a virtual network, where they can share and even download any file that the other person has shared.

Ares Activation Code

This is also a platform where people can make new friends, and chat with them; they can either host their own channel or join someone else’s chat room. 

This is a very fast and reliable software, which can find sources for the user to download files from. Moreover, the software can download files from many users available on the network. If someone wants to increase the speed of their downloads, then they will really enjoy this software. For the activation code and the download.

Search Files

When you are using Ares, it will let you find whatever you are looking for. This means that the user doesn’t have to explore every torrent site on the internet, to just find one file.

This software works with firewalls and doesn’t need any configuration. It even works on restricted networks, and data sharing between two peers can become easier.

Even though there is a firewall installed, data sharing is still very much possible. The latest version of this software, which was last updated on May 20, 2019, gives users access to radio stations as well. 

Ares Activation Code:

  1. s/n: 4F-FVDH-X9XR-Y3094
  2. s/n: Y7-7N2Z-R9QK-R3094
  3. PW47-9CHY-JMKP-D5273
  4. 1343565678989-6T54940


The first advantage of this software is that it allows the user to download multiple files, at a very quick speed. This is because, when a user searches for a particular file with name, Ares lists down sources and downloads available for the user. 

Library Organizer

If you want to share files with other people, then you can organize them, the way books are organized in the library. The user would be able to organize using category, types, and much more. If the user no longer wants to share a file with another user, then they can change the share settings available on the software. Just by typing one keyword, the user is able to search and access all the files that they want. 

Built-in Video and Audio Player

Ares supports preview of files, even when they are still in the downloading process. The user can organize the files, and make a playlist of their favorites. If someone wants access to internet radio, then there is nothing better than this software. 

Filesharing Chatrooms

While most people have to look for websites, where they can join in a conversation, this software gives the user a chance to join the chat rooms that already exist. Creating chat rooms has never been this easier, and friends can easily communicate, share files with each other, and download them. Ares is open-source software, and it is free as well. Anyone can access the open-source software, and come up with their own version of Ares. 

Content Hosting

Most users of Ares wonder the kind of content that it hosts, and if they will get in trouble for downloading it or not. The best part of Ares is that it has a Galaxy Catalog, which only hosts public domains. The content that is supported by Ares comes under Creative Commons Licenses.

Ares is dedicated to hosting content that has expired and is now under the fair use policy, which comes under the United States Copyright Act. 

If you want a really good platform to share your content with peers, then this is the perfect software for you.

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