Bejeweled 3 Crack + License Key | TXT File Download

If you like puzzles, then this is the best game for you! Bejeweled 3 is the world’s number 1 puzzle, where you have to find the perfect match, with the 8 best game modes. These modes are fun, and they take the player on a challenging journey. 

If you want nonstop action, and a great gaming experience, then you definitely need to play Bejeweled 3. The sights and sounds of the game are really amazing, and the user will definitely love this endless fun. The dazzling lights of the puzzle let the player reach new and dazzling heights, and then they get achievement badges. 

Bejeweled 3 Crack + License Key | TXT File Download


Before this article tells you about the features of this amazing puzzle game, it is best to know where to find the crack version for

Features of Bejeweled 3

This is a really fun game, where the player gets 8 ways to play. As there are so many ways to play, the player will find the perfect match for every mood. The first mode is classic mode, where the player can play a popular puzzle. The player will also get access to new gems and the gameplay would be ultra-smooth. 

Quest Mode

In the quest mode, there are 40 magical puzzles that the player has to solve. These 40 puzzles are spread over a journey that the player has to take. 

Zen Mode

The zen mode is when then the player is able to tailor the puzzles as per his experience. The player can create his own sights, which can be a relaxing retreat for them. They can choose their own sounds and binaural beats. 

Lightning Mode

The lighting mode is a challenging mode, where the player has to play a heart-pounding game. In this mode, gem blasting takes place, which can be a really fun and exciting thing for the player to see. In the secret mode, when the player starts playing, he would get to unlock about 4 new games. There are about 65 badges, which will showcase the many skills that a player has. 

High Definition Graphics

The best part of this game is the high-definition graphics. Whenever you are playing a game, you would want clear sights with amazing sounds, and this is exactly what this game delivers! The versions that came before Bejeweled 3, were sparkling, and this version is more sparkling than those!

When the player starts playing this game, they will notice the ultra-smooth action. As the player moves from one match to another, they will continue to collect gems.

The system requirements for running this challenging game are Windows and Mac OS. If someone is using Windows, then the processor should be of 1.2+GHz Processor, and the memory should be 1 GB of RAM. As for the graphics card, the player would need 128 MB of video memory, but the recommended memory is 256Mb because that would make the game run faster. The hard drive space needed for this game is 320 MB, and the sound should be at least DirectX 9.0c. 

This game is perfect for those, who like puzzle games and puzzles relax them. Bejeweled 3 is a fun game, and if you download it with crack, then there are more features that you can access. This game doesn’t require you to download anything extra, and the crack version is reliable.

The zen mode, in particular, is the best way to relax for players. So, if you really want to play a challenging game, then don’t be hesitant in downloading this one. You can even challenge your friends to play it with you!

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