Comodo Internet Security Premium License Key 100% Working

With having so many free antivirus products nowadays which are available in the market, there is no excuse for going without protection. There are not second rate products, either; some of them are even more effective than many of the for-pay competitors. And some of them add features that are beyond the basics. 

Comodo Internet Security Premium 100% Working

Comodo Internet Security Premium comes with antivirus, firewall, sandboxing, a tricked out browser, secure and safe shopping, and even more. You get a lot of components without even paying a single penny, but you may be better off looking for the quality of the components even amongst the free apps. 

This product’s name may be a bit tricky and confusing for some people. Adding the word Premium or Pro to an antivirus name which mostly implies to a paid version, for example, (Malwarebytes 3.0 Premium 39.99 dollar per year at Malwarebytes). But fortunately, Comodo’s Premium edition is a free one. 

And while the words “Internet Security” in a name mostly mean a security suite, Comodo does not even have the full collection of features that I expect in a full-fledged suite. 

Comodo Internet Security Premium Key 100% Working

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But yes, it does include a firewall, but many of the modern antivirus products come with a firewall, spam filtering, or some of the other selection of high features. 

This utility’s main window is laid out exactly like a hat of Comodo Antivirus 10. A large panel on the left side shows the security status. If it is green, all is well and good. When it turns red, then something is wrong. Clicking on the big FIX IT button which is shown should sort out the things and issues. 

There is a two-by-two grid of large rectangular action buttons that occupies most of the remaining space. All of the three products come with buttons to check for the updates and it unblocks any applications which you might block in error. 

In Comodo Internet Security, the other two buttons which serve to launch an antivirus scan and to raise Security Shopping. 

All of the three products provide an advanced view which puts more security stats and actions at your fingertips. In Comodo Internet Security, this view is with information and it links to action items. While it incorporates all of the items from the standalone antivirus and firewall, it is a very busy display. 

Comodo Internet Security Premium License Key 100% Working

You can also change each of the product’s appearance and look to match that of the previous edition, or you can simply select an old school Classic skin. 

As these products are free, all of them work hard to earn money for the company. When you start out with Comodo, it prompts you to choose all of your browsers to use Yahoo for the home page, new tab, and also for default search engine. 

You also get a number of pitches from Comodo’s GeekBuddy tech support service. You can also chat with a GeekBuddy for free, but if you want the tech to take any of the actions, you have to pay for that.  

Comodo Internet Security Premium is with an impressive collection of features, considering that it is all free of charge. 

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