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DeepNude is an application that uses artificial intelligence and neural networks to remove the clothing from the image of any woman and recreate as an ultra-realistic nude. It is an evolution of the so-called “Deep Fakes”, a new algorithm that expects the great potential of this technology, and its impact on society.

The algorithm which uses the generative counter-networks, and was with thousands of images of naked women. This software is on an open-source algorithm which is pix2pix, which was in 2017 by researchers at the University of California at Berkeley.

DeepNude Keygen & Serial Key Free Download 100% Working

DeepNude Information Description External Links
Developer Unknown (discontinued) N/A
Release Date June 2019 Vice Article
Platforms Windows, Linux GitHub Repository
Type Image processing software that uses AI to create fake nude images from clothed pictures Vice Article
Features AI-powered algorithm that removes clothing from images of women, ability to adjust skin tone and pose, output images in various resolutions and file formats DeepNude GitHub Repository
Availability Discontinued and no longer available for download Vice Article
Reviews DeepNude sparked controversy and criticism for its potential to be used for revenge porn and objectification of women, leading to its creator discontinuing the app and releasing it as open-source software on GitHub. Some users praised the app for its impressive technology and output quality. BBC News Article / Vice Article / DeepNude GitHub Repository

After some of months of public access, the creators of DeepNude, this app from the Internet, because there were high chances of it being misused, to harass or to embarrass any woman.

How do DeepNude works?

The program uses a complex ‘deep learning’ algorithm to specially undress women, as if it were an x-ray vision.

Unlike the other same programs, the Deep Nude program does not place the person’s face on another body, but it analyzes the person’s own body and then replaces the parts which it thinks are appropriate according to the skin tone and by visualizing other physical aspects.

Therefore, DeepNude automatically and smartly removes women’s clothes to make them look like as if they were real pictures.

DeepNude Keygen & Serial Key 100% Working

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This DeepNude software has both versions, a free version as well as a paid one – the only difference between them is the quality of the images as the paid version generates higher quality images – and it also works for both Windows and for Linux.

In both of the versions, the images appear with a watermark which indicates and shows that it is a false photograph that is generated by the application, but Motherboard also explains it is very simple to get rid of that.

DeepNude was basically launched as a website and by the date of June 23rd, it had a program for both Windows and for Linux. It was free but also had a pay zone for the users who to export the image with better quality. In the beginning, access was 50 dollars (44 euros), as it is by the ‘Motherboard’, but then it went up to 99.99 dollars (88 euros).

The disadvantage of this application is that this software only works with women because when it is with a man’s picture, the program adds a woman’s vulva and breasts to the output image.

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