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Hello dear friends, recently I ordered a game and that game is a very popular game all around the world, and I have seen many people asking on how to activate that game, that game is GTA IV, by activating GTA IV, you can do whatever you want in the game. 

GTA 4 Crack Key Overview

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gta 4 crack key

gta 4 crack key

It is the biggest game by the RockStar Games 2008, by a UK company, RockNorth. 

This game was for PS3, Xbox, and for PC operating systems. Just like the game’s previous versions, the core gameplay of GTA IV includes giving the player a huge and open-world environment in which you can move around freely. 

If the player is on foot, it can walk, run, jump, climb over the obstacles and swim, and also use the weapons and perform basic hand to hand combat. 

The players can steal and drive different types of vehicles, which consist of automobiles, boats, helicopters, and also motorcycles. 


GTA 4 Activation Key 2022


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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) IV takes advantage of Natural Motion’s Euphoria engine, which consists of artificial intelligence, bio-mechanics and physics to make open, non-linear environments which provide the players to explore and choose on how they want to play the game. 

Even though the storyline missions are necessary to progress throughout the game and to unlock various content and parts of the city, they are not to be completed, as the player can complete those missions whenever he wants to complete. 

But to play the game in PC, it needs an active internet connection and an account which is at the game’s official site, to save the game.  And with high settings at system the Game works great. 

I am going to share with you a CD key which is by them along with the CD for free. Whereas the crack which I downloaded from a website, it is working! 

  • Run the original Launch GTA IV internet should be connected. 
  • Make yourself offline or disallow internet access to Launch GTA IV. 
  • Download the crack file. Copy the cracked paul.dll into the game root folder.
  • Run LaunchGTAIV.exe again. 
  • Start a social club in offline mode. 
  • The game launches a CD key. The key is given below which is working and this CD key is as a giveaway to the readers of this article.  

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