JR Typing Tutor Serial Key 100% Working

JR Typing Tutor is a simple and easy to use application which is to help you study the Hindi language by typing. This application helps you in doing so by offering you different types of tests and exercises that you can perform in both languages; Hindi and English.

JR Typing Tutor Serial Key 100% Working Overview

JR Typing Tutor Serial Key 100% Working

JR Typing Tutor Serial Key 100% Working

JR Typing Tutor Serial Key 100% Working

In this way, no matter which one is your native language, you can practice both languages at the same time.

This program is a product of JR Infotech Services. The program offers you to relate to Education Tools. It provides you with a typing tutor which makes it very simple and easy to learn the language JR Typing Tutor comes with a large number of exercises which are both for Hindi as well as for English.

Furthermore, you can create your own tests for yourself or for others that you want to learn the languages under your own supervision.

JR Typing Tutor Serial Key:

  • CA308FD600GEGAAYA3714
  • 627276353662527342

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This app follows government regimentation and it provides you with the use of a Hindi keyboard with the appropriate layout which makes it even easy for you to learn the characters.

When you are taking a test which you are with the original text and then you have to translate it or you have to recreate it within the time interval which you previously have set.

Features for JR Typing Tutor Serial Key

After the ending of the test, the application then generates some of the statistics about your performance. You can see the time which you took in completing the test, the gross speeds for the characters and words per minute, and also the net word per minute as well.

JR Typing Tutor is no doubt a very useful application but its interface makes it in some of the aspects a bit difficult to use. For example, if you have a display with less than 800 pixels on the short side, then some of the features are inaccessible on it.

By resizing the main window only reduces the frame of the application, without shrinking the actual content which is inside so if you do not have a decent and good displaying large monitor, you cannot use the application the way it is meant to be used.

In conclusion, I can only say that JR Typing Tutor has the potential and purpose to truly be a useful learning tool but it still does require some of the much-needed interface work in order for it to be even more accessible.

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