Microsoft Power BI Crack With Product Key TXT File

Microsoft Power BI Cracked earns our Editors’ Choice honor for its impressive usability, top-notch data visualization capabilities, and superior compatibility with other Microsoft Office products.

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Microsoft Power BI Crack With Product Key TXT File Free Download

Microsoft Power BI Crack With Product Key TXT File Free Download

Microsoft Power BI is a web-based business analytics and data visualization platform that is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It monitors important organizational data and also from all apps used by organizations. Microsoft Power BI provides tools to quickly analyze, transform and visualize data, and also share reports.

Microsoft Power BI offers SQL Server Analysis Services through which users can quickly build reusable models using the overall data. The software enables users to integrate their apps, so as to deliver reports along with real-time dashboards. Microsoft Power BI also provides self-service access to major third-party cloud sources such as GitHub, Zendesk, Marketo and Salesforce.

Both Free and Paid Versions

Microsoft Power BI is a prime example of Redmond’s stellar offerings in the self-service business intelligence (BI) space. When a platform is this strong, however, the product must match expectations, and Microsoft Power BI does exactly that.

Microsoft Power BI does a fantastic job of combining power analytics with a user-friendly user interface (UI) and remarkable data visualization capabilities. Customers have the choice between a limited free version and the Professional version (which begins at $9.99 per user per month)

Microsoft Power BI is available both in free and paid (Pro) versions. The free version is not limited by any time period; however, data of only 1GB per user can be analyzed. Otherwise, it costs $10 per user per month for 10GB of storage.

Microsoft Power BI Crack With Product Key TXT File Free Download

Getting Started

Loading data is a simple affair. I downloaded CSV files from Dropbox and then simply selected the CSV/text connector under the Data Source button. A screen came up showing a Preview of the data and an Edit button showed up, too, in case I needed to clean up my data before doing the analysis. Then, it’s just a matter of clicking the Load button and the data is ready to go.

The Discovery Process

Users can select data on the right-hand side of the screen, which will then show the fields within. Then fields can be selected by checking the box by them or by dragging them to the panel. Then, choose a visualization, and, in seconds, the output is on the screen.

Click an empty space on the dashboard to create another visualization of other insights by following the same process and choosing different fields. Save the dashboard when you’re done, and click publish to the web to share it. The simplicity of the UI and its overall presentation is elegant and belies the complexity of the analytics engine underneath how to find product keys.

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Data Visualizations

I consider Microsoft Power BI to be the king of visualizations. There is the standard fare of stock visualization formats from which to choose on the UI, but there’s also a plethora of custom visualizations on the Office Store for free, many sourced from other customers using Publish to web (see above).

To show off visualizations uploaded via Publish to the web, Microsoft has created a gallery page, dubbed “Power BI custom visuals.” Here you can search and browse a large and constantly growing gallery of custom data visualizations created by the Microsoft Power BI community. These are fully accessible for reuse as long as you follow Microsoft’s community rules. I’m particularly partial to the 3D interactive map but maybe that’s just me.

Microsoft Power BI Crack With Product Key TXT File Free Download

While it’s important not to distract viewers from the message with convoluted visuals, giving information a fresh perspective can be extremely valuable and is a core part of the self-service BI value proposition: more people looking at more and different data in new ways.

That’s why I like having plenty of choices in visualizations. You’re telling a data story visually, after all, and it’s not always good to present it as if it’s the same data story viewers saw last week, last month, or last year. For now, at least, Microsoft simply can’t be beat in visualizations either in the simplicity in building them or in the selection of options.

That makes it a superb choice both for experienced data analysts as well as newcomers, and well worth an Editors’ Choice award in the self-service BI tools category.


  • Extremely powerful platform with a wealth of data source connectors.
  • Very user-friendly.
  • Exceptional data visualization capabilities.


  • Desktop and web versions divide data prep tools.
  • The refresh cycle is limited to the free version.

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