Natural Reader Serial Number & Crack 100% Working

 Today I am going to discuss the cool software. It is the most strong and powerful text-to-speech reader ever, and it is simply amazing. That software is Natural Reader Pro, just like I said before it is a text-to-speech application. 

Whatever you highlight in it, the program will read aloud for you, and it works so greatly and seamlessly. There are two versions, a free version, and a paid version. And this is available for Windows and also for Mac, so that is pretty great as well. You can easily download it also. 

Features of Natural Reader Pro Crack with License Key 100% Working:


You have two tabs here, documents, and also the webpage. You can now put on a web page here and then click on listen now, and it will then read the page loudly.

 Later on the other section, it will read the PDFs. As for your documents, you can load up WordPad notepad and all that kind of stuff. You can add new documents as well. 

The first thing you have to do is to install this application and fire it up by going to settings and there just set up a couple of things. Change some of the settings. The settings are arranged by the tap here. 

Text to MP3:

The Text to mp3 feature, I believe is only available n the Natural Reader Pro version so that you can convert the file to mp3, and then you can listen to that file later. 

Display Settings:

The display settings show how the text is going to be displayed in the windows. You can mostly come in here and try and change it up a bit to make it even larger and more comfortable to view. You can change the font if you want. There are lots of different and beautiful fonts available. 

Customizable Voices and Speech Rate:

The first one is the general tab. You have two voices here, there is a male voice and another one is a female voice. You can change the speech rate if you want to. 


If we highlight a specific section of text and press the f1 key for the most powerful media reader, listen to media files without meaning; it looks index and look all of the documents any of the printed books, and it reads for us. 

Download With Support

Now, if you talk about the other webpage and press f1 again, our reader listens to it and reads the highlighted, so that is cool if you read something, and then a little while later, you want to hear it. You can simply click it again, and it will reread it for you. 

HowKeys 100% Working:

Hotkeys, you can change the hotkeys if you want. For example, you will see on the top there is a play and stop button, I believe that it will be set up to f8 by default settings, and the control button was clicked. If you want, you can simply change and go for f1 because that is more accessible on the keyboard. 

It is on the left side the very first button right next to the escape key. So it is much easier to reach out for and you can quickly reach it without having to look at it so that is my opinion for you. 

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