OBS Studio 27.1.4 Crack + Serial Key TXT File [2023]

OBS(Open Broadcasting Software)  is a wonderful broadcasting software. It is to do live streaming, online gaming, and screen recordings. You can download it on various windows.

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OBS Studio 27.1.4 Crack + Serial Key TXT File [2023]

OBS Studio 27.1.4 Crack

Here I will show you all the methods of processing and setting of the obvious studio to get a high-quality stream. These guidelines will set your OBS Studio on high-profiled mode. In this way, you’ll earn maximum advantage through your streaming. The following steps will make you master streamer while using OBS Studio.

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General Settings

There are several options in general settings regarding a theme, Enable/DisableSystem Tray Icon, Affirmation of Starting/Stopping stream, Enable /DisableSource Capturing, and Enable/DisableRecording While Streaming.

How to stream on OBS Studio?

  • Set your video and AudioBitrates.You can see it according to your upload speed that’d be a maximum of 6,000 kbps to a minimum of 160 kbps.
  • Choose a listed streaming service or set custom streaming service.
  • Click on “Stream”.

How to record a stream on OBS Studio?

  • Set your recording avenue.
  • Click on “Start Recording” ( You can start by using a preset or installing an Encoder).
  • Select a recording quality to allow the Encoder to appear.
  • Activate the replay Buffer.

Audio setting

Set up your audio by using multiple options such as sampling rate, desktop audio devices, microphone accessories, and hotkeys.

Video setting

To get high-quality videos go to “Video Setting” and set your video at the best proficient level by using the option Base Canvas Resolution, Output Scale Resolution, and FPS value.


  • Some important hotkeys are given below.
  • Start/ stop streaming
  • Hide/show sources
  • Switch to a specific scene
  • Push to talk
  • Push to mute
  • Capture active window for capture.
  • Start/stop/ save replay buffer.

You can also convert a joystick key to anti-micro keys to have a better experience. In this way, you can put any command more competently.

Advance setting

You can also utilize your previous setting. If you are a new user of the obvious studio. You need to know the following setup techniques.

  • Adjust your file name.
  • Take a glance at more options regarding file names and choose a competitive file name.

There are many options regarding the advanced settings as

  • Start.
  • Stream.

Delay and activate auto-reconnect.

Don’t do anything in this section without having a specific purpose. In case of obliviousness search for more details to get this purpose.

Scenes and sources

These are the substance of OBSstudio.It is a set point that can set up your stream, layouts, gaming, webcams, and any other device or media that you want in the output.


Filters also play a meaningful role in making your stream more effective and close to viewers. OBS Studio is into two categories.

  • Effect Filters
  • Video/Audio Filters

Effect filters

Here you can adore your video with interesting and interactive effects.

  • Image mask /blend
  • Crop pad
  • Scaling aspect ratio
  • Scroll
  • Color key
  • Sharpen
  • Chroma key
  • Video/Audio Filters
  • Gain
  • Video delay
  • Noise
  • Suppression
  • Noise gate


There are massive features in the OBS studio. But I have the most important ones. These will surely help you to get a better experience while using OBSstudio.If you want more details then hop up in the comment box.

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