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Symantec Endpoint Protection is a dedicated IT department looking for endpoint security. With a particular focus on attack prevention and is suitable for businesses of all sizes. The SEP capabilities are ideal for companies that manage many endpoints. SEP is on-premises security software. It runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux-based personal computers (PCs) and servers, but not mobile endpoints.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Crack License

Small businesses that need to stop threats from penetrating their IT networks will find SEP the best choice. Companies are looking for a solution covering mobile device protection and addressing attacks that evade defenses.

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Should consider upgrading to Broadcom’s Symantec Endpoint Security (SES) Complete product. SES Complete covers mobile endpoints, threat hunting, and other advanced security features. These include options for Symantec cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid of both.

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  • “It’s great that SEP integrates well with other Symantec tools such as DLP, CASB, and other suites as a whole.”
  • “Symantec Endpoint Protection is one of the best security software (antivirus/malware) on the Internet. It has many useful features and is easy to use.”
  • “Symantec Endpoint Protection is one of the useful security software on the web. It has beneficial features. My best is the ability to optimize your PC.”


  • “There is no complete proof of software because people are constantly coming up with new ways that are harmful and malicious. Only one virus has been attacked since using this software.”
  • “If something went wrong with an encrypted machine, it was very likely that all the data on the hard drive would be. The encrypted login bypass screen often did not work.”

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Symantec Endpoint Protection provides several layers of security in addition to malware protection. These are some highlights.

Device Control

SEP blocks threats that attempt to infiltrate through a device connected to an endpoint, such as a USB drive.


SEP provides deception tools that present decoys that are the target of cyberattacks. It helps IT teams safely identify intrusions.

Attack surface reduction

SEP reduces threat exposure in a variety of ways. Isolate privileged applications in the castle to prevent them from being attacked. Allowlists and blocklists control the allowed software installation. SEP examines the Windows Active Directory configuration to suggest security improvements and a vulnerability assessment to determine if an older version of the software needs to be.

Usability of Symantec Endpoint Protection

SEP’s Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager provides an intuitive interface for monitoring its capabilities and a single software agent to install on the endpoint. It makes setup easier. Once installed, the IT team conveniently manages network security through SEP Manager.
SEP preconfigures standard settings such as virus and spyware protection that are automatically applied to endpoints.

These preconfigure settings can save you a lot of time and deploy SEP quickly. If desired, you can fine-tune the settings after security is up and running.
Ironically, the biggest challenge to SEP’s usability is its depth of functionality. Learning SEP-specific options such as SONAR and PowerEraser has a big learning curve. It is an aggressive scanning tool that you need to know to avoid unnecessary false positives.

Symantec Endpoint Protection support:

Broadcom offers several technical support options for the SEP platform. They provide an industry-standard self-service portal filled with product documentation, how-to articles, and training videos.
Additional help options include phone support, community forums, and an online IT ticketing system for reporting issues. Broadcom also provides diagnostic tools that allow IT teams to troubleshoot their problems.

Benefits of Symantec Endpoint Protection:

Symantec Endpoint Protection worked flawlessly in testing against threats such as malware and zero-day attacks. The security effectiveness of SEP is SEP’s greatest asset. SEP’s wide range of customization options and security features give you considerable flexibility. IT teams can deploy SEPs that match company security standards.

As your needs grow, you can move to SES Complete products or add other Broadcom security solutions. The company’s unique TIPP programs and features, such as SONAR, count the unique strengths of the Symantec Endpoint Protection platform.

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