Traffic Rider Crack With License Key TXT File

Traffic Rider Crack With License Key

Traffic Rider Crack

Traffic Rider crack is a first-person racing game where you get behind the wheel of a motorcycle and speed through traffic at full speed. The tracks are always straight highways so while overtaking other cars you never have to worry about sharp turns.

The gameplay is almost identical to Traffic Racer, from the same developers. You accelerate by pressing the right handlebar and stop by pressing the left handlebar. To tilt the bike forwards and backward, just tilt the device, an intuitive gesture and also very well implemented. As usual, if you outrun another car, chop them as close as possible for more points (or to play longer, depending on the game mode).

Traffic Rider

There are 20 different motorcycles to choose from in Traffic Rider. At first, you can only use a low-power engine, but you’ll soon unlock bigger and more powerful ones. The best part is that you can race them through many different locations at different times of the day: early morning, afternoon, night…

Traffic Rider is a spectacular racing game from every point of view: it has different game modes, dozens of racing events, excellent graphics, and, above all, gameplay perfectly adapted to touch screens. By far one of the best motorcycle games for Android.

40 levels

Traffic Rider has 40 levels across the city, both on multi-lane roads and roads in different directions. With all of them, your objective is always the same: to accelerate as much as you can and avoid crashes.

Traffic Rider License Key

Free game

Yes, Traffic Rider is free to play, but you can make in-store purchases between €2.29 and €109.99. This lets you unlock new vehicles or add more power to your motorcycles, among other things.

120 MB

Traffic Rider’s APK takes up more than 120 MB, so you need at least that much free space on your Android to install it. It doesn’t require any additional data, so you don’t have to worry about extra space.


Simple yet addicting

Traffic driver! is a fun arcade racing game from the past where you race through traffic on a cool collection of motorcycles. As already stated, the gameplay is straightforward but difficult. You start on an open road for a few seconds and then hit traffic that reminds you of rush hour traffic jams. This puts you face-to-face with other vehicles and pedestrians.

The game has four playable modes to give you a good variety. You’ll start with Career and Endless modes, but eventually, you’ll unlock Time Trial and Freeride modes. The career mode offers over 40 missions to complete, and each one will take you through heavy traffic. For each mission completed, you earn coins to buy new rides or upgrade your existing ones.

Traffic Rider

Easy to pick up

In short, Traffic Rider! is a good game to play if you like a fun title to satisfy your need for speed. The game is easy to learn, so you can start playing right away. It also comes with well-drawn graphics and animations that complement the challenging gameplay. However, the operation can be cumbersome. Also, upgrades and new engines are a bit expensive.

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