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USBFix 2020 is an application used for analyzing and eliminating infections, from a mass media device which can be detachable. This includes USB drives, exterior disks, and even RAM cards. This application is used for scanning virus from USB, mainly; it has a free version and a premium version for users.

If you use USBfix Premium Crack, then you will be able to remove the malware from your system, as well as viruses that spread throughout the computer. 

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Category Information Link
Overview USBfix Premium is a powerful malware removal tool designed to clean infected USB drives and other removable devices. Official website
Developer SOSVirus Official website
Platforms Windows Download page
Key Features – Malware removal for USB drives and other removable devices<br>- Vaccination to prevent future infections<br>- Quarantine for suspicious files Features page
Pricing USBfix Premium is available for €9.90 per year. Purchase page
Support SOSVirus offers support through a community forum and email. Support page
Reviews USBfix Premium has received positive reviews for its effectiveness and ease of use. Reviews
Comparison USBfix Premium can be compared with other malware removal tools such as Malwarebytes and Norton. Comparison

This malware is usually found in thumb drives, which is why it is very important to scan them. Apart from removing malware, there are many tools and features that can protect your USB drives. The options that are available to the user are:

  • Research 
  • Clean 
  • Support 
  • Optimize 
  • Options 
  • Quarantine 
  • Vaccinate 
  • Uninstall 
  • Listing 
  • Report 

It has an easily understandable user interface, and the features are really relevant as well. Before I tell you about its features, I will talk about how you can download it. Visit the website, and download the latest version of USBfix from it. When you download it, click on the file and then extract it. Install the file, and the run it on your PC; it will download and install in a few minutes, and then the file will be completed. 

Features of USBfix Premium Crack 100% Working

There are many features that a user can benefit from:

  • This USBfix can delete infections, and your media won’t be damaged 
  • The main objective of this app is to clean the infections that spread from computer to computer through USB drives 
  • This app repair a USB 
  • The app can easily trace any infections, and even delete them
  • The app has backup support available for the user, and they can protect their essential files 
  • You can protect USB peripherals 
  • This app can protect your USB from being infected in the future 
  • The warehouse of this app is updated and has the ability to detect the latest malware 

UsbFix USBfix Premium Serial Key Full Latest Version Download 100% Working


The most common method of carrying information nowadays is a USB. However, it isn’t necessary that the system you are inserting your USB in is free of any viruses. If it isn’t free of any viruses, then your USB will be infected as well, and that same USB will infect your system too. 

USBfix Premium 100% Working

USB fix can be a great help for those, who use their USB a lot and move it from one system to another. If a system is infected by malware or virus, then it can impact the information you have stored, negatively. It can slow down your system, decrease its productivity, and then you would have to reinstall your Windows; this happens in most cases.

This is why, before using a USB, you should always scan it; whether it is someone else’s system or yours, make sure there is a program installed that can protect your USB. Protect your system and data by installing USBfix on your PC, and using it. 

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