Alien Swarm License Key

Alien Swarm license key

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Alien Swarm License Key

You are Captain Carter, who controls a swarm of 32,000 drones! Ride the Argo spacecraft and deploy strategically to overcome obstacles. Divide the flock to protect the ship and attack the enemy at the same time.

Develop your tactics, creatively betray your enemies and exploit the environment to destroy alien invaders. Explore undeveloped galaxies that pose many dangers to your mission to find a new Earth.

Develop herds with new abilities and continue to upgrade their motherhood to overcome increasingly powerful threats.

This is 2118. The Earth is in ruins after most of the Earth has been destroyed by a large herd of Eiri and drones. The psionics of the few survivors has found a way to control the drone and stop the attack.


With the herd under human control and the Earth uninhabitable, the Argo spacecraft was built and sent to search for a new Earth. Captain Carter, you are leading this mission-the flock is what you command!

  • Control a horde of 32,000 drones
  • Think quickly and defeat alien enemies in fierce space battles.
  • Continue to adjust tactics to counter increasingly challenging enemy fleets and attacks.
  • Combine using unique swarm abilities to protect yourself and attack effectively at the same time
  • Develop your herd and upgrade your motherhood to withstand your enemies
  • Travel through a large story campaign with over 100 encounters.
  • Take advantage of the environment and outperform your enemies


1) Launch Steam and sign in to your Steam account. (2) Click the [Game] menu. (3) Select Activate the product on Steam. (4) Follow the instructions on the screen to unlock the drone swarm. After successful code validation, go to the My Games tab and start the download.

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