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Anno 1800 is an exciting game, which takes the player back to the 19th century. The 19th century was a time of industrialization, technological innovation, and much more.

The players need to adapt their role as a ruler, where they can prove their skills and plan an effective logistic network. They can settle on a new continent, and try to dominate their opponents through expeditions.

The ruler, which is the player of the game, would now be able to send expeditions all around the world so that his fame and fortune increases. There is a new workforce feature, which allows the player to manage their factories, and this is realistic compared to before.

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If the player wants to lead an area, then he needs to come up with diverse strategies in order to be victorious. The player needs to fulfill the needs of his people, and establish production chains. Moreover, the player has to tackle the Al rulers, which share his world and rise to prosperity. The only way he can prosper is by building a profitable network consisting of trade routes.

The graphics of this game are really good, and people would be able to see many places. For example, they have a view of the city they are ruling, the zoo, harbor, grain farm, and steel factory. They will also be able to see where the riots are happening, and who is taking part in these riots so that they are able to strategize.

On the official website of the game, the player will get access to multiple updates to this game. These updates include Seat of Power, The Passage, Botanica, and Sunken Treasures. The best part of this game is that the player is able to see many details in each scene, which makes it more interesting and fun.

Features of the Game 100% Working

The game runs a story-based campaign, where the player gets access to a rich, city-building experience. The player also has access to different modes like sandbox mode; there are many features that users liked in the previous versions, and they are going to make a comeback. These features include Al opponents, maps, multi-sessions, and much more.

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