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If you want to hide or you do not want other people to know anything about your browsing history, there is not much which you can do. And also, there are inbuilt dangers in public browsing with lots of people with hateful and cruel intentions on the lurk nowadays.

 If you want to surf anonymously and in secret, then you can surely make use of Anonymox. Now, this is a powerful tool that allows you to use this as an extension of your browser and it makes sure that your identity is hidden from other people while you surf and browse on the internet. 

You can also enjoy the access to even in restricted websites in this manner as your IP address appears different than it really is. 

What is AnonymoX?

AnonymoX is a program for anonymization on the Internet. The goal is to restore the user’s right to anonymity in the web. 

Most of the websites monitor and observe the behavior of their users, which offers the websites hosts capability to analyze the general user behavior and then create the detailed user profiles, which most of the time are sold to third parties. 

An issue of freedom of speech on the internet manifests in the repression throughout federal or private institutes. There are more and more governments who now censor websites with the excuse of child safety, copyright breach, or the fight against terrorism and they then limit the freedom of speech. 

And also blocking the users based on their origin with GeoIP-Blocks is mostly applied, for example at the Media platforms. 

100% Working


How does this really work?

Upon accessing a website that your local computer connects directly to the hosting server of the web service which you have and then you will receive a copy of that needed website. At the same time, the web sites host will also receive information on your web identity which is IP-address. 

When you access a website by using this anonymoX, then your request will not be sent to the website directly but it will first sent to our network. Now the website will not recognize you when accessing their information, but in spite, it will note our network which establishes a connection. 

As a result, the site cannot recognize you using the technical method (IP address). You are then surfing with the IP address of one of their Proxy-servers which you can select in a menu. 

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