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Chocolatier 2 is a game by Big Splash Games LLC and by PlayFirst, Inc. This game was in 2007 and is still a popular game among players. The genre of this game is action and simulation.

In this game, the user gets to experience a world of chocolate, which is turned on its side. There is a mole in Baumeister Confections, and it is up to the user to build a new empire.

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Chocolatier Crack Key 100% Working + License Key | TXT File

You will have the help of a rebellious and independent character, who is the granddaughter of Evangeline; this way, you will face less hassle in building an empire. 

The main challenge in this game is for the player to rise up in a world of innovation, and find out the secret ingredient that can make new recipes. There are four features in this game, that people will love:

  • They get to make their own chocolate empire 
  • There are about 200 quests for the player, so he doesn’t quit the game too early 
  • There are hidden ingredients and hidden ports, which the player has to find 
  • There are about 72 recipes that the player has to find and create into something meaningful

Player Opinion

Those players who have this game, find it to be a worthy sequel to the Chocolatier game. Many players find this game very addictive, and they have fun playing it, especially because it is so easily available. This game is compatible with Windows 10 as well, so the user doesn’t have to worry about the OS.

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Many players have this game as a business empire, a simulation game. If players have how they can make their own chocolate, then they will surely enjoy this game.

There is not much difference between the two versions of Chocolatier, but the players get to enjoy more candy recipes, and a chocolate factory mini-game with it as well. The player gets to travel the world, and create different kinds of chocolate. They have to keep their inventory of chocolate full and remember where some of the ingredients came from like London or Brazil. 

The most appealing part of the game is that the player gets to own his own chocolate shop, and a whole new world is unlocked. However, players do find this game a little easy in the latter stage of the game.

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