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Everyone’s second-favorite COD Black Ops 2 Crack With License, CD, TXT File sub-franchise is back, sifting through the destruction of the CIA scheme from the previous game while advancing into the cyber-enhanced future conflict of 2025.

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COD Black Ops 2 Crack With License, CD, Steam Key TXT File Free Download

COD Black Ops 2 Crack With License, CD, TXT File

The game alternates between David Mason, the protagonist’s son from the original Bops, and memories of clandestine missions that occurred during the late 20th-century battles. Most of it is standard Call of Duty fare: adversaries swarm out, you burst their heads, and you move onward. Equivalent to playing Whack-a-mole with foreigners. In Afghanistan in the 1980s, you shoot men.

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Raul Menendez, the antagonist of the game, is a byproduct of American interventionist tendencies gone wrong, but if there is a warning there, it is overshadowed by the ferocity of his drive for vengeance. It’s difficult to empathize with Menendez since he is not a pleasant person, and his response to America’s violation of him is to go around screaming and kneecapping people. Even if it is concerning that Menendez-like monsters could be unintentionally produced by American foreign policy, I suppose that people whose lives have simply been screwed don’t make for compelling villains.

COD Black Ops 2 Crack With License, CD, TXT File

However, after this disastrous start to the campaign, Blops 2 becomes more manageable. Although the plot isn’t developed, its set-pieces do, and most of its novelty is successful.

In other places, cutting-edge technology offers welcome variation. You can hide behind lumbering quadrupedal mechs or use a swarm of drones to attack your adversaries. Their influence is most apparent in the bold inclusion of Attack Force, a straightforward RTS game mode that runs concurrently with the campaign.

You take sites, defend them, safeguard convoys, and free prisoners using a high-altitude vision. You always have the option of directly controlling a robot or soldier by entering their brain. The AI is the game’s worst flaw; its terrible pathfinding is much more obvious in top-down views. However, because of this, you are forced to use filthy methods, which adds to the game’s enjoyable friction between theory and ground operations.

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COD Black Ops 2 Crack With License, CD, TXT File


Multiplayer allows for exploring that Yemeni hamlet is even more enjoyable. In reality, multiplayer is the best option for everything. Levels that served as the campaign’s lifeless backdrops now expose a more delicate design with many stratum and interconnecting paths, as well as dozens.

Sightlines running across each location will keep players on their toes. Your goal as you move between cover points on the deck of a blazing aircraft carrier, continually craning in this direction that to be sure that isn’t being flanked, is to decrease your exposure.




Although the single-player mode has a few fresh gimmicks, it is the robust multiplayer that rescues Blops 2 from disgrace. It is corny, worn out, and occasionally shambolic.

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