Everything and anything which you need to know about drugs, it is now on your fingertips. E Drug Index is a brilliant and free app which is important for healthcare professionals.

It is a user friendly source of the latest reference drug monographs, of local Pakistani product prices, product presentations, molecule profiles and also updates from FDA / EMA. 


Furthermore, it offers you access to a drug and poison information center which is PharmAssist, where Pharmacovigiliance and poor drug reactions can also be reported. 

The app is very light and it takes low disk space and all of the information is available offline as well. 

E Drug Index is by PharmEvo which is a free software application from the Health and Nutition subcategory, which is a part of the Home and Hobby category. This app is currently available in English language and it was last on 2016 / 05 / 31. 

This program can be on Android phone. E Drug Index by PharmEvo has a file size of about 5 MB and it is available for download from our site. You can download this program easily from the internet. 

As I it earlier, E Drug Index is by PharmEvo Pvt. Ltd and the latest version of E Drug Index by PharmEvo 1.6 and it was on May 31, 2016, E Drug Index by PharmEvo is in the category of Medical. 

You can check all of the apps from the developer of E Drug Index by PharmEvo and you will find 73 optional apps to E Drug Index by PharmEvo on Android. This app is free to use currently. This app can be on Android 4.0 or latest version from Google Play. 


About PharmEvo:

PharmEvo Pvt Ltd is on October 7th in the year 1999, it is a healthcare company, which is in the creation, development, manufacture and for marketing of pharmaceutical products, containing over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, medical equipments and also infant formulas. 

The PharmEvo’s mission is to be global organization whose philosophy is by a highly refined sense of ethics which is real through its dealings when upholding the highest standards of honesty. 

Their ambition and dream is to build a healthier society by becoming a leading and socially responsible global company through inventive solutions. 

I hope this article will help you in understanding about this app as I have some of the details and advantages of this app. 

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