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The activation lock is a security feature that is on Apple devices that prompts Apple ID credentials after there has been a factory reset of a device. That makes it difficult for someone to use or sell an Apple device if it is stolen or if it has been lost.

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Ionic Bypass Serial Key Cracked

Systems Manager can also manage the Activation Lock state on Apple devices. This functionality needs supervision to be on the target device. if an Apple device is supervised, then the administrators have the following abilities:

  • To allow or prevent the activation lock.
  • To force enable MDM activation lock (it also needs a device which is enrollment via Apple’s Device Enrollment Program)
  • And to clear the Activation Lock state remotely.


Allow Activation Lock

End-users can enable or allow activation when signing into Find My Phone or iPad on the device with their Apple ID credentials. Although, this capability is automatic if the device is at the time of enrollment.

  • Go to Manage and then Settings.
  • Create a “Privacy and Lock” configuration profile.
  • Check on the box which says “Allow Activation Lock”
  • Scope the configuration profile to your tags and the save.

Caution: for the devices which are with DEP before August 12, 2019, “Allow Activation Lock may have been by default. If activation is after wiping a device then try one of these steps given below:

  • Enter Apple ID username and password of the last known user.
  • Use an Activation Lock bypass method.

Enable MDM Activation Lock

When a supervise iOS device is by using a device with (DEP), then Systems Manager can force enable Activation Lock, by using the Apple ID of an Apple Business Manager.

This process offers administrators with some more insurance which they can reactivate a device with known credentials if it is while the Activation Lock is enabled.

To enable MDM Activation Lock automatically at the time of DEP enrollment.

  • Go to Manage then Settings.
  • Create a “Privacy and Lock” configuration profile.
  • Check the box for “Allow Activation Lock”
  • Scope the configuration profile to your tags and then save.

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MDM Activation Lock can also be on a per device basis for DEP enrolled iOS devices. Just go to Systems Manager and then on Devices list and click on the device to access its details. Under the MDM Commands section, the Enable Activation Lock option will send a command to Apple to enable the Activation Lock on that device.

Bypass Activation Lock

Systems Manager has a feature “Activation Lock Bypass” to avoid the Apple Activation Lock. This process utilizes special “bypass codes” which are when Activation Lock is enabled, each code is in Systems Manager.

The bypass codes can also be to authorize clearing Activation Lock on a device in circumstances where the Apple ID essentials are unknown. Bypass Activation Lock can be on a single device at a time, or for all of the devices at once.

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