Speedometer GPS Pro license key

Speedometer GPS Pro license key

speedometer gps pro license key

This application can track speed, distance, time, and location. You can also get the start time, time-lapse, average speed, maximum speed, and altitude. Free download as soon as it is released Speedometer GPS Pro crack apk latest version.

Speedometer GPS Features

  • Save track information.
  • Switch between the car speedometer and the bicycle cycle meter. mph, node, km / h mode.
  • Displays the status of satellites.
  •  Speed ​​chart.
  •  Map integration, get your location.

What’s New:

  • Connect to Google Drive.
  • Export GPX to Excel.
  • Floating Speed: This allows the speedometer to display speed on the map application.
  • What features do I need to allow my camera?
  • Now you can upload the gpx file by simply viewing the track in your web browser and scanning the QR code.

Mod Info:

  • No LP or Google Play Modded required.
  • Location maps work.
  • Unnecessary permission recipients and services have been disabled/removed.
  • Analytics / Crashlytics is disabled.

This application is ad-free.

Why this car speedometer app is so different from other speedo apps available on play store:

This GPS speedometer application allows you to use your mobile phone’s compass sensor. A compass helps you know the direction of travel.

  • This car’s speedometer works in offline mode, so this speedometer application behaves differently than other speedometer applications even when you are not connected to the internet.
  • Our speedometer only takes 20 seconds to connect to GPS. Other speed applications typically take a couple of minutes to connect the same.
  • This speedometer is 98% accurate. Offline accuracy is a bit lower.
  • Four. The digital speedometer not only shows your current speed, but also your average speed, total distance, maximum speed, and the travel time it took for you, your car, your bike, and more.
  • Two HUD modes to help you use the GPS speedometer on your car windshield.
  • Two themes: Jet Black and Purple for Truck Speedometer Application. 7. A vehicle speed tracker that can also be used for bicycles and bicycles.
  • You can set the desired unit here as if you needed m / s, Km / h, or mph. The corresponding speed and distance are displayed in the GPS speedometer application.
  • You can change the unit at any time, just like you are on the speedometer.
  •  This speed application is small in size.
  • This car speedometer app uses much less battery, so relax.
  • Set the minimum and maximum speeds to make sure you are driving in full range. (First application offering minimum speed option)
  • Just press and hold to skew out the entry.
  • Put all your statistics in one place with this track speedometer app.


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