Windows DVD Maker Registration Code

Windows DVD Maker is a software, which supports many file formats like Avi, rm, mp4, WMV, and many others. It supports DVD players, media centers, and even a home cinema set. With the help of this Windows DVD Maker, a user can create their subtitles, and DVD chapters, without paying for anything. This software has a very easy to use interface, through which they can convert and burn files. The user would surely be able to burn their videos to disc, after encoding. This is a very reliable software, and its best feature is that it supports more than 60 video formats. 

Making subtitles is really easy with Windows DVD Maker Software. The available formats for subtitles are .txt, .ass, .ssa, .srt and .sub. The software supports multiple recorder drives, which include CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, and DVD-RW.

The registration code of Windows DVD Maker is necessary because it provides the user access to more features. They can get the registration code of this amazing software from here.

Windows DVD Maker Registration Code:


Getting the registration code would mean that the user would be able to use the software without any limitation. The user would be able to upgrade the software for 2 years, without paying anything. 

File Formats & Subtitles 

The most appealing feature of the software is the fact that it supports so many file formats. Moreover, people can make their own subtitles with the help of Windows DVD Maker. If someone has videos, and want to create subtitles for them, then they can do so with the help of this software. 

Video Cropping 

This software also supports video cropping and cutting. If you want to share your video with other platforms, like social networking websites, then this software will help you do it. You can easily cut a video into multiple chapters, by configuring it in the Advanced Settings. 

Technical Knowledge 

If someone doesn’t have much technical knowledge, they can still easily use this software. This is because the software has an easy to use interface.

All the user has to do to create a DVD, is click to convert and then burn it. There are many things that the user has to do on their own, and if someone has advanced requirements, they can easily go through the software and look for different functionalities. 

If someone wants to burn many DVD discs of an event that they have recorded, then they can choose the option of “solid DVD Virtual Recorder”.

With the help of this feature, the user would be able to burn their videos to an ISO image, to the hard disk of the device. Just go to Actions in the software, click on Burn ISO to DVD, or you can even press the F7 hotkey; this way, you will be able to burn as many DVD discs as you want, in less time.

Home Cinema Set

If someone is worried about how their Home Cinema Set won’t be able to play the DVD discs created using this software, then there is no need to worry.

This is because, Windows DVD Maker supports multiple players, and most of these players are DVD players. For those users who have actually used this DVD Maker to burn DVDs, and then play on their Home Cinema Set, they have been pretty successful.

In fact, the people who buy from the original website, but are not able to play DVDs on their Home Cinema Set, get a refund from the website. 

Windows DVD Maker is powerful software, packed with useful features for those, who want to burn their DVDs or add subtitles to them. Download this software today, and use the registration key from the link mentioned in the article. 

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